Two of my closest friend finally got married! I've been close with Ann and Travis since I met them each individually when I was 18. I met Ann through our friend Holly who I worked with at Zumiez (haha). I met Trav through his brother who was tight with my high school boyfriend. My life completely changed through those friendships and the community of friends we found together with Holly, Ann, Travis, David, TK, Val aka Henry and Keith. I never knew good friends before I met these ones and most of us reunited for the first time in years for Ann and Trav's wedding. David and Keith were unable to be there but we talked about those guys the whole time and David called us from Jersey. Keith was in Italy (super sad for us). Also, this wedding was so full circle for me cause I grew up on this island and my friends who did not now live here! The reception was held at my dear friend Juniper's Guest House. She is one of the most beautiful people I've ever known.
Ann and Patty chugging bubbly before the wedding...
The wedding was at South Beach on San Juan. The edge of the island. Dry grass, thick green forest and the ocean. Heaven, really.


  1. eeeee. can i post that first polaroid??

  2. oh haha...i just saw that jamie asked! i'll let her do the honors!

  3. OMG AAAMAZING!! I am crazy about the polaroids

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